Doxxed Team

Starting members

The Team - Overview

Barrett Ovens (Ocean) - Project Lead

Founder of several web2 companies

Amir Harambasic (Blackbeard) - Lead Developer

Software Engineer, Full Stack Developer

John Kim (KS) - Solidity Developer

Software Engineer, Solidity Developer
Richard Penny - Co-Founder
Owner of No Standing & Fizz
Sohan Karunaratne - Co-Founder
Director of No Standing & Arthous

No Standing - Marketing Agency

50 person, digital agency team spread across Sydney, Melbourne, and the UK

Aeolus - Advisor

MD of Ghost Gaming with an abundance of resources

Kagan Powell - Advisor

Founder of
Bryan Hall - Advisor
Mod for Magma XYZ Rozie - Community Manager
Absolute rockstar!
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