Salty Siren Crew

Salty Siren Collection (GEN2)

About the Collection

The Salty Sirens is our second collection featuring 1,200 female pirates with over 300 traits, 28 body types, and 7 races (genesis). GEN2s was free to mint through our innovative P2M (play 2 mint) strategy game launched in March 2020. Also our first iteration of game development and storyline progression. Holding a GEN2 is important for all future gameplay and SPC chapters to continue progression in our ecosystem.


  • 1.2K collection

  • Access to virtual events

  • Utility in-game

  • Discord community

  • Partnership Perks


The collection is made up of 7 genesis types and 28 bodies. Below is the list and rarities for each.

More details on utility

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