Minting a Pet

How to mint a Pet
Collect all 5 items to mint a Pet. Items are collected by taking voyages and the exact 5 items are required. Each journey has 3 potential items that can be returned and 1 out of the 3 for each journey is a requirement.

Item Drops Per Voyage

The Pearl - Required (Knife)
Drops: Barrel, Diary, Knife
Interceptor - Required (Potion)
Drops: Pipe, Potion, Patch
Grim Reaper - Required (Caldron)
Drops: Voodoo, Skull, Caldron
Dutchmen - Required (Element 21)
Drops: Element 21, Message, Book
Queen Anne - Required (Plant)
Drops: Spell, Plant, Thunder

Minting Page once all 5 items have been collected