Salty Power Cabins

Salty Power Cabins Collection (GEN3)

About the Collection

The Salty Pets is our third collection featuring 250 power cabins (through a paid mint). Power cabins bring an added strategic layer to the gameplay by providing a variety of boosting power to resource earnings. Each Power Cabin will have its own unique power play. These Cabins may be activated or deactivated from gameplay at any time via your Dashboard, however only one Power Cabin can be 'activated' (in play) at any given time, You may choose to hold more than one cabin, and switch between them to lift your own game strategy.

Ie. If you mint a jail cell, you will receive a % salt spent on all failed loot box opens. If you mint a library, you will receive a +1 of all resources, etc.


  • Exclusive 250 collection

  • Utility in-game

  • Possible metaverse utility

  • 16 Aug 2022

  • 0.1 ETH

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