Chapter 3

Iteration 2 of our game development
Chapter 3 is a Play to mint strategy game. You will need to earn SALT and resources in order to join different faction voyages. Every pirate will generate SALT and a specific number of resources based on their genesis and attributes. Each faction voyage will reward you with 1 of 3 items each time you embark on their journey. The reward is randomised and requires specific items to unlock your pet. Embark on a quest to recruit a pet (GEN4) in our free P2M (play to mint) strategy game. You will need to find the exact 5 items by joining different captains on their voyages to mint a new crew member for free (you will need to pay gas only).
  • Iteration 2
  • Play to mint strategy game
  • GEN1, 2 & 3 utility
  • Objective: Free mint GEN4
  • Launched: 17 August 2022
What's New in Chapter 3? We've made some significant changes from chapter 2 including but not limited to: New UI, more resources, the inclusion of GEN2s farming resources, the new currency silver, more attributes from both collections with bonus resource rates, cabins, power cabins, voyage mechanic, a new range of items, and a new loot box.
New Dashboard Your dashboard will be used to manage your in-game assets like currencies, resources and your crew. From your dashboard you'll be able to move around to the marketplace, voyage page and loot boxes.
Genesis Types (GEN1 collection)
The collection is made up of 7 genesis types and 29 bodies. Below is the list and rarities for each.
Genesis Types (GEN2 collection)
The GEN2 collection is made up of 7 genesis types and 28 bodies. Below is the list and rarities for each.
Drop Rates
Each pirate’s resources will be added once per day based on the attributes of your crew (GEN1s and 2s). A list of genesis drop rates is below. There's also a bonus for some body types and rare attributes, see in-game for more details.
Attribute Bonuses
Bonuses for rare body types, 1/1's, and specific traits across both GEN1's and 2's.
There are 5 captains and their ships you'll be able to go on a quest with. Earn enough resources to board the ship and return with a share of the loot. Collect the items from quests to mint a free pet.
Voyage Drops As requested by the community here's a list of items and the voyages they're related to. The Pearl - Barrel, Diary & Knife Interceptor - Pipe, Potion & Patch Grim Reaper - Voodoo, Skull & Caldron Dutchmen - Element 21, Message & Book Queen Anne - Spell, Plant & Thunder
Minting Page
Collect all 5 items to mint a Pet. Items are collected by taking voyages and the exact 5 items are required. Each journey has 3 potential items that can be returned and 1 out of the 3 for each journey is a requirement.
Trading Resources Page
Trade salt and excess resources for what you need on the trade page to reach crafting requirements.
Loot Boxes Page
Loot boxes cost Salt and will drop a randomised number of resources or gold with different percentages for low to maximum numbers received. Loot boxes are split into 4 categories, common resources, rare resources, a combination of both, or a gold drop.