Game Development

Building the world's first web3 pirate experience in multiple iterations with community feedback.

Developing a web2/3 hybrid game

About the Game Our objective is to build the first web3 pirate experience. Our 3k genesis range was the seed round and our first steps to building our pirate experience. Each pirate allows its owner to participate in the play-to-progress storyline by working your way through a series of chapters through play-to-earn games. Collect resources, embark on quests and mint a companion on your Hero’s Journey. Each race is essential to gameplay for all the following chapters.
Objective To start the development of our game and future utility. Allow user feedback to build a strong community, identify leaders in the project, and to expand the SPC ecosystem.
Gameplay Each chapter will have its own objective and will be pivotal to the next. The starting point will be the initial GEN1 collection adding new collections such as crew, cabins, and pets. The first iteration of the game development consisted of resource and in-game currency collection to craft items, trade in our marketplace, and open loot boxes for high risk, high reward. As we all know the development of a game is expensive and time-consuming so we've taken the approach of building it in stages and using the chapters to create improvements around gameplay, mechanics, features, and previous assumptions. We've also taken this approach to create community feedback loops and early usage (almost like a beta release).
Utility Each race of pirate will be given a set of resources that they earn each day without having to claim. Each race has a power resource and a combination of others to allow holders of any size to participate. More details in each chapter. For phase 1 of the game development, we decided to make each chapter around the minting of new collectibles to add them to the ecosystem.
Details for each Chapter

Collection Overview

Salty Pirate Crew - GEN1 A 3k collection of male pirates consisting of 7 races (genesis) 29 body types and around 300 attributes. GEN1s are also used for DAO voting rights and the foundation for the SPC ecosystem.
Salty Siren Crew - GEN2 A 1k collection of female pirates consisting of 7 races (genesis) 28 body types and over 300 attributes.
Salty Power Cabins Power cabins will provide different scales of boosts on game play. If you own more than 1 power cabin you will be able to switch between them in your dashboard, but only 1 can be activated at a time. Each cabin will have a unique power play and switching between them will introduce an added level of strategy to them game. Owning 1 will allow you to activate it in your dashboard. Chapter3 will be about minting a pet.
Salty Pet Crew The Salty Pets is our fourth collection featuring 1,000 pirate pets (1,000 through gameplay). GEN4s will be free to mint through our innovative P2M (play 2 mint) strategy game. This will be the objective of our second iteration of game development and storyline progression.