About the project
Salty Pirate Crew (SPC) is building the world's first web3 pirate experience - the Saltyverse. SPC will be developing the ecosystem over multiple chapters by creating a hero's journey storyline, a pirate's rise to captain! The launch of our GEN1 collection marks the beginning of chapter one and a roadmap that progresses through an adventure. Take part in our play to progress storyline with chapters 1 - 3 planned in phase 1. Alongside our web3 utility, SPC will be releasing treasure hunts, games, new collections, and IRL utility. We aim to bring pirates out of the much-loved Caribbean genre, while still maintaining their core attributes, and giving them a more cyberpunk feel for the Metaverse.
  • 3,000 GEN1 collection
  • Deployed on-chain resource management game - Chapter 2 (CH2)
  • 1,200 GEN2 collection - Minted for free through CH2
  • World-first partnership with Hard Fizz (Brewing Company)
  • Hard Fizz: Salty Rum Punch (120 cases) - SOLD OUT
  • 250 Cabin GEN3 collection - SOLD OUT
  • Virtual Concept Space - BUILT
  • Pets collection - Currently minting through CH3
  • Pirate Keys (Feb 2023)
  • Fully Doxxed team
  • Marketing partnership with No Standing
  • Partnership with Life Without Andy (Culture Blog & Events)

Ocean chats with Zeneca about SPC

Hybrid Model Salty Pirate Crew is bringing the best of web2 & 3 together. We have been differentiating ourselves from every other nft project without a way to correctly articulate it - we're calling it our Hybridge. Our roots are deeply embedded in web2 and we're not trying to be another cookie-cutter project. Our smart contracts weren't copied, we didn't use an ERC-20 token, and we definitely didn't just airdrop our GEN2s. We have always done things differently and will continue to do so. Innovation is important to us and the web3 community.
Overview of the different Chapters
Partnerships We partnered with an IRL alcohol brand, Hard Fizz, to produce our own flavored drink. We are also building an epic entertainment space in the metaverse to host megastars to perform live music events that we can all attend from anywhere in the world.


Why Join the Ranks? We chose pirates because they're not overdone like animal PFP, and the lore is endless with pirates in the metaverse, treasure & IRL brand collaborations. We're hyper-focused on bridging web 2 to web 3 and building the best community we can, by bringing like-minded people into the project and focusing on culture. A DAO is only as strong as its members. We're doing things a little differently by not building hype and FOMO to sell our NFTs, but by focusing on community and fundamentals. Our team is all based in our office and we've all worked together before on many successful web 2 companies. We have 2 computer engineers, 2 successful business owners, a full marketing agency, and an insane network to call on when the time is right. We've also spent a significant amount of time working on reducing gas fees for minting and smart contract deployments. Our ethos is to build a strong community and constant innovation in the web3 space.
Play to Progress Model The Salty Pirate Crew has adopted a Play to Progress model that is designed to reward holders as they progress through the storyline. SPC will have multiple chapters breaking up the development of our game, designed around new assets for in-game usage. Early chapters will reward holders with collects required for the upcoming chapters, like crew, pets, ships, and captains.
In-Game Currency SALT is our main in-game currency as well as gold and silver. Holding a Pirate allows you to participate in coordinating the Salty Community Treasury and will generate you 10 SALT per day for every Pirate owned. The SALT token will be used for trading, opening loot boxes, and more. Resources will also be earnt at different rates based on their genesis and attributes. Collecting these resources allows you to progress in the chapters.
Marketing Team No Standing and ARTHAOS are incredible digital marketing agencies that have been involved in the music industry, and traditional marketing agency that has extensive and impressive portfolios.
  • 50-person team spread across Sydney, Melbourne, and the UK
  • Massive portfolios which include big retail companies, influencers, and startups across culture, music, and fashion
  • Official partnerships with online titans such as: Facebook, AWS, TikTok, and more.
Their track record is amazing and they'll both be supporting this project by focusing on increasing the Salty Pirate Crew's brand and connecting us to their extensive network.
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